Aguni (or Agunni) is a scout song that resembles a Native American dance. Used mostly in Italy, I found it in Spanish-speaking Central-South American countries with the title “Aguni guni sha“, albeit with some minor variations.

Not being an Italian text, and given its limited diffusion, I thought it was likely that it derives from some other song and doing some research I found that its most probable origin is a mantra, or prayer, of the Arapaho or Iroquois tribe, “Ani couni “or” Ani kuni “, used in Spirit Dances, a well known song used in schools in Canada.

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Aguni guni gaia guni.
Aguni guni gaia guni.
Ai ai ai ippi ai caiene,
ai ai ai ippi ai caiene.
Agu, Aguni kigi.


  • Sitting in a circle 
  • 1st Movement: To rhythm, bring the hands on the knees of the partner on the right then on his own, finally on those of the neighbor on the left. So on until the end of the verse.
  • 2nd Movement: Put your hands on your shoulders, then open your arms out and finally cross your hands on your chest.
  • 3rd Movement: Clap your hands together; then beat the right hand on the left knee; then clap the two hands together and finally clap the left hand on the right knee and so on.
  • 4th Movement: Hands on the face, then arms stretched up, hands crossed on the chest and finally arms extended in front so as to touch the ground.

Ani Couni Lyrics

Ani'qu ne'chawu'nani ', 
Ani'qu ne'chawu'nani ';
Awa'wa biqāna'kaye'na,
Awa'wa biqāna'kaye'na;
Iyahu'h ni'bithi'ti,
Iyahu'h ni'bithi'ti.

phonetically it would be

Ani couni chaounani, 
Ani couni chaounani;
Awawa bikana caina,
Awawa bikana caina;
eiaouni bissinni,
eiaouni bissinni.

the most used translation is

Father, have mercy on me,
Father, have mercy on me;
Because I'm dying of thirst,
Because I'm dying of thirst;
Everything is gone – I have nothing to eat,
Everything is gone – I have nothing to eat.

Spanish version

Aguni guni sha
Aguni guni sha
Ay ay ya yipi ya ya eo
Ay ay ya yipi ya ya eo
Agu, agu aguniquishi ha



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